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The holidays are full of food and drinks and delicious recipes, but when one thinks of holiday food,  fruitcake and eggnog seem to be common. I appreciate most foods, but those are just two things I don’t understand the attraction. 

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Looking for a way to celebrate the holidays with your friends without spending a fortune or taking all day in the kitchen preparing a whole buffet?  Organize a holiday cookie swap instead!  Everyone brings a few dozen of whatever cookie or treat they made, and the assortment is laid out on a table.  Then go around the table taking a few from each plate until everything is gone.  From an afternoon of baking just one recipe, you’ll walk away with a whole assortment of treats!


Check out a great sugar cookie recipe from after the jump!

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For my Thanksgiving break my lovely lady friends and I went to the Poconos to eat, drink, be very merry…and lazy. It was both Anuya and Jessica’s first proper American Thanksgiving-something you need to experience once, just to see what all the hype is about.


We stopped at a little deli off 7th avenue to have a bite before hitting the road back to Syracuse. 5th avenue was glistening, despite the rain, with all the pretty Christmas decorations.

I recently read this book and as a person who looks at eating as a way of life, I highly recommend it to anyone who feels the same way.


Here is a review of it from a New York Times article in 2006.

Here is another book that is necessary for the food gourmand’s library. Full of juicy stories and traditional recipes.


If you’re feeling adventurous during the holidays…

Source: Like Water for Chocolate: A Novel in Monthly Installments with Recipes, Romances, and Home Remedies by Laura Esquivel

1 can sardines
1/2 chorizo sausage
1 onion
1 can chiles serranos
10 hard rolls

Chop onions fine. Fry the sausage over low heat so that it cooks thoroughly without getting too brown. When done, remove from heat and add the sardines, which have been deboned ahead of time. Any black spots on the skins must be scraped off with a knife. Combine the onions, chopped chiles and the ground oregano with the sardines. Let the mixture stand before filling the hard rolls.

(No over n temperatures given because the recipes are from turn-of-the century Mexico.)

Looking for the perfect holiday present for the person who wants to show off their street cred with a functional kitchen gadget?  Well look no further!


This is the Godfather Spaghetti Measuring Device.  Just feed spaghetti through each of the holes for perfectly portioned meals.  It might not be great for intimidating anyone, but it’s sure to impress any foodie or film buff on your shopping list.

Just remember – don’t discuss business at the table.

Get it at Charles & Marie.  And if knuckledusting isn’t your style, check out the Noooodle.


There are so many different terms that relate to food and being green: as organic, sustainable, natural, local, antibiotic-free, hormone-free, free range and grass-fed. But what do they all mean? What is the difference?

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Westcott is a street with a lot of personality. There’s Alto Cinco, The Seven Rays Bookstore, Westcott Theatre and funky clothing shops such as Boom Babies. I have discovered while living in the neighborhood, that the street’s subtle quirks are missed by many.

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