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Posted on: November 18, 2008

Hello All,

My name is Kate Sheehy and I am a foodie. Really I love everything about food; cooking, having people cook for me, grocery shopping (all the possibilities of what you can make), trying new dishes and the environment that is created when people gather to eat. Some of the best conversation and most memorable moments in my life have been over a great plate of food.

While living in Austin, TX I wrote for a culinary magazine that highlighted local cuisine called, Eat and Drink Austin. I got to interview other people who love food as much or more than I did. I got to sample food and drink from various cultures, and I got paid to do it! One of the most valuable lessons I took from my eating adventures in Austin was, explore, explore!

Especially as students we get stuck in the food rut so easily. The same frozen burritos, food from the dorms and greasy burgers from campus eateries. But I want to encourage you to get out there and explore the local offerings. Yes, it is true, Syracuse does not have the most abundant spread of palate pleasing establishments. But there are some. They are out there my friends. Let me share one with you.

Last Thursday evening my two friends and I went out to eat at New Century. It is very much off the beaten path in North Syracuse on Kirkpatrick St. Dimly lit by the street light, it is a small place on the corner, with a little green awning. The inside is simple. It is basically just a big open room with red carpet and a few golden Buddha statues in the entry way. The food is anything but basic.

We ordered the spring rools for an appetizer. Delicious! Veggies and ground pork wrapped with vermicelli noodles and fried, served with a mild chili dipping sauce.

For the main course we split a few different dishes; beef, chili pepper and lemon grass, a shrimp dish with lots of sauteed vegetables in a spicy red curry sauce and chicken with pan fried egg noddles. The drinks were probably the best part because they were such an unexpected treat. Two of us ordered a refreshing lime drink, that is both sweet and salty at the same time, with a big slice of fresh lime. My other friend ordered a coconut drink that had fresh coconut and was like a Pina Colada over ice.

The atmosphere was quiet and relaxing. The service was very prompt and the bill was very affordable for a college budget. A meal for three with an appetizer and drinks came out to about $56 total with tip, and we had leftovers. The restaurant doesn’t have a website or I would send you there to check out the menu. But here are the directions from campus:

I know if you don’t have a car here it can be difficult to venture to these far off places, but it is really worth it. Eating out is a great way to spend an evening, a way to shake up the average weeknight or weekend. Also you discover new parts of the city you live in. I think it’s important to remember that while we are students, we are also members of a community. Food is an integral part of any community that reflects the social culture. Every place has restaurants, usually independently owned (the best places to eat) that are recognized by the locals.

Don’t let yourself get stuck in the campus food rut-there is culinary life past Marshall street. Stay tuned I have more food adventures for you in Syracuse!



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