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Stop That Snack Attack

Posted on: November 18, 2008

It’s a familiar feeling.  You’re sitting in a lecture at 3 pm and your stomach starts to grumble.  You’re up at 1 am studying hard for a big exam, but hunger pangs distract you from your memorization.  It’s not the right time for a full meal, but sometimes without other options, a snack attacks can cost you $15 for pizza delivery and an overload of calories.  Don’t let this happen to you.  Here are five low calorie, low cost snacking options for your next mid-meal treat.

– For a quick snack that’s easy to make and go, try single serving popcorn bags.  The 100-calorie bags take less than two minutes to pop and are really filling.  They’re also easy to eat in the car or take to class.  See how 100 calories of popcorn ranks with other snacks here.

– Got a sweet tooth?  Low fat pudding or jello will satisfy your craving.  You can buy both in snack packs or make it at home easily too.  And with each cup typically less than 100 calories, your pre-holiday diet will appreciate it too.

– Is there anything healthier than fresh fruits and veggies?  Most serving sizes of fruits and vegetables are low calorie and packed with other vitamins.  Try a medium-size banana (105 calories), a cup of steamed green beans (44 calories), a cup of blueberries (83 calories), or some broccoli (30 calories).  It’s obvious why these healthy snacks help maintain a healthy weight.

– If you’re at the vending machines, pick peanuts or trail mix over a candy bar.  Although peanuts run a higher calorie count, the nutritional benefits are much higher than candy – 1/4 cup of peanuts runs around 160 calories, but has 2g of dietary fiber and 7g of protein.  Peanuts and some other nuts may also reduce the risk of heart disease when consumed regularly.

Salsa is an increasingly popular snack thanks to its nutritional benefits.  A half-cup portion counts as an serving of vegetables and supplies a wide range of antioxidant vitamins, lycopene, and potassium. Just be careful of the chips you eat it with!

For more tips on healthy snacking, check out this article.


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