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Ever Heard of Dim Sum?

Posted on: November 20, 2008


Just as I have a passion for food, I also have a passion for traveling and experiencing exotic and local cuisines. This past semester, I studied abroad in Hong Kong and I was lucky enough to experience the amazing meal that is called Dim Sum. 

Although I wasn’t a huge fan of Cantonese cuisine in general, which tends to be a little bland, Dim Sum won my heart. 

Dim Sum, which means “to touch your heart” is similar to a meal of tapas, or a bunch of hors d’oeuvres. A typical Dim Sum has a series of dumplings fried and steamed dishes. My personal favorite dish is the barbecue pork bun. 

BBQ Pork Bun

I know it doesn’t look particularly appetizing. It is a fluffy bun stuffed with sweet and sour barbeque pork and it could not be more delicious. Other dishes include dumplings stuffed with anything you can imagine, spring rolls, spare ribs, rice porridge, pot stickers, tarts, steamed vegetables…and the list goes on and on.

Unlike regular restaurants where you pick a dish of a menu, the Dim Sum dishes are pushed around on multiple carts through the restaurant and if you see something you like, you tell the person pushing the cart. Some restaurants, however, treat it like tapas or sushi where you just check off what dishes you want from a paper menu. The correct way to order is to start off with lighter dishes and slowly work your way towards the fried items. 

Want to try Dim Sum in Syracuse? Try the China Pavilion on W Genesee St.


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