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The Freshman 15, not necessarily a result of diet.

Posted on: November 21, 2008


Everyone has heard of the freshman 15, or 10 or 20 or however many pounds we all gained when we were first introduced into the college community. You can blame it on the dining hall food, or the late-night snacking, but the real reason is the excessive amounts of alcohol we take in. Most people don’t count liquids when accounting for calorie intake, but alcohol contains way more calories than you would think. 

Here is a list of some popular drinks and their calorie count:


  1. Light Beer: 105 calories
  2. Regular Beer: 145 calories
  3. Long Island Ice Tea: 789 calories
  4. Gin and Tonic: 150 calories
  5. Rum and Coke: 356 calories
  6. Cosmopolitan: 170 calories
  7. Screwdriver: 208 calories


See some other drinks

The best drinks to pick are light beers, vodka or gin with diet tonics, or wine. Also, plain shots without the mixers are low in calories, but I’m not recommending those in excess. Consuming multiple drinks in one night is like adding another meal to your day, or if you are drinking Long Islands, it’s like adding four meals.


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