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Maybe the Best Bagel in New York

Posted on: December 2, 2008

My friend Kevin, who is born and raised in the Bronx says this little place in Syracuse is as good if not better than any bagel shop in NYC. Since I know he is foodie like me, it is hard not to be growing up in the city, I trust his judgement. He took me to the Bagel Shop Bakery and Deli on S. Warren and E. Jefferson over the summer, and I have craved it ever since. It has a simple name with a funky neon sign in the window that says “Hot Coffee.” The humble appearance only adds to the pleasant surprise of finding a bagel sandwich in Syracuse that rivals the reputation of the big apple.

I, personally, am addicted to the shop’s chicken salad on whole wheat bagel. But last time I went I had chive cream cheese on a pumpernickel bagel, and it was delicious. They also have a chive version with bacon-mmmmMMMMMMM!!!!!!

Also try some of their seasonal cream cheeses. My friend Leigh had a pumpernickel bagel with pumpkin cream cheese. This cream cheese was the real deal, you can see the pumpkin swirled in with the cream.

I know it seems that downtown Syracuse


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