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The Story on Westcott

Posted on: December 3, 2008

Westcott is a street with a lot of personality. There’s Alto Cinco, The Seven Rays Bookstore, Westcott Theatre and funky clothing shops such as Boom Babies. I have discovered while living in the neighborhood, that the street’s subtle quirks are missed by many.

The 2nd Story Coffee Shop is a hidden haven, upstairs next door to Westcott Florist. I was surprised the first time I walked in and I have found that many people who have been here longer than I have, don’t know where it is.

I immediately felt welcomed by the warm colors, books for sale and rich smells wafting from the kitchen. In the open room you can cuddle up with a cup of loose leaf tea-brought to you in your own teapot-chai or espresso. There are comfy chairs and tables adorned with little lamps. Lots of classic literature as well as contemporary writers and interesting autobiographies are available to browse or to buy. Big windows at the end of the room look out at the trees and down onto Westcott street.

The food is wonderful as well. 2nd story has Sunday brunch, panini sandwiches and baked goods. I have had poached eggs on farmer’s toast, with basil, tomato and mozzarella. I also have tried a few of their sandwiches which have a spectrum of taste combos to choose from goat cheese, sauteed vegetables, smoked turkey, Irish cheddar, the list goes on. I spoke with the owner and she said the reason the food is so good is because she uses simple, fresh ingredients. You can often see her there cooking in the back.

I love spending an afternoon there to study or just to read and relax.

Another cool joint is the Recess Cafe on Harvard street right off Westcott. Both are a nice retreat from the campus and regular visit to Starbucks. Also you will be supporting local, young business owners.


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