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Ahhh Wegmans.

Posted on: December 3, 2008


Wegmans is my favorite grocery store I have ever been to. Ever. We are lucky to have one of the 72 stores here in Syracuse, NY. I was browsing just the other day when I walked past a cooking demonstration in the seafood section. I usually just walk right by, but this time I decided to stop and listen. The recipe was for  lemon tilapia. I tried the sample and watched him prepare the entire meal in just 10 minutes. Somehow I ended up being the only one left watching by the end, so the Wegman’s employee decided to give me a personal lesson on the right way to cook fish, and the different options for this recipe. I’ve never been in a grocery store that cared that much about the customers. 

There are easy, delicious recipes displayed all over the store and on the back of Wegman’s brand items. If you check out their website, there are hundreds of recipes and cooking tips (which we know we all need as college students with Ramen noodles). They even offer cooking classes. 

You can browse the website to see what products they offer at the store so you can find out ahead of time if they have what you need. 

They are rated #3 in Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For 2008.

Someone even made a video about their greatness.


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