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Does anyone actually eat fruitcake?

Posted on: December 5, 2008

The holidays are full of food and drinks and delicious recipes, but when one thinks of holiday food,  fruitcake and eggnog seem to be common. I appreciate most foods, but those are just two things I don’t understand the attraction. 

The idea of cake, with pieces of mushy fruit and nuts sounds repulsive to me. I don’t know why, because I love cake, I love fruit, but I just don’t like putting them together. They are a common “re-gifting” option, and everyone seems to have one on their counter during the December and January months. There is even a Facebook application that tracks fruitcakes that are traveling the country through re-gifting to raise money. 

“Re-gift the Fruitcake is a Facebook application that is tracking the world’s most viral fruitcakes. Six celebrities are passing along six fruitcakes to raise money for their charities. If you’re lucky enough to be re-gifted one of the celebrities’ fruitcakes, you’ll have the opportunity to donate to their charity and the privilege of deciding which of your ten friends will get it next. The only way to receive a re-gifted fruitcake is through this application. ” -from 

The second holiday food I just don’t understand is eggnog. Any drink that has a name with egg involved is suspect to me. Eggnog is made of cream/milk, eggs and either rum, whisky or brandy. I generally don’t like to mix alcohol and milk products, but I really don’t like to add eggs into the mix. 

People chug and sing about this stuff?



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